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Sunday, June 03, 2007

See this stuff:

I bought all of it today. At one time. And no, I did not spend all the money I have ever made in my short lifetime – not even a large portion of it….

My mom and I went out today so I could get some clothes for my (super awesome) internship (I’m stabilizing and repairing sketches from the 1950s – it is very neat), and we discovered that the Hancock Fabrics near us is going out of business. This in itself is relatively sad news, you never want to see a fabric store that is actually within driving distance go out of business. But this also means that they were having a sale. A really huge sale. An everything is 70-80% off sale. And this is what I left the store with (after two trips, I just didn’t feel I took advantage of this situation enough the first time around).

Things were relatively picked over, as the store closes in eight days, but I still left with some good stuff. Two spools of quilting thread (750 yards each! ooooh), some yarn, needles, and lots of fabric, most of which is 2-3 yards, and some remnants.

Here’s the interesting fabric:

I have no idea what I’ll do with this stuff, but it’s always nice to have. I know I’ll use it at some point, and I don’t have much of a stash (well, I didn’t….)

And the yarn:

(it’s from “Dynasty Yarn” in case you’re wondering, as brilliant me didn’t think to turn the label to face the camera)
Normally I would have never chose orange yarn, but this was the only yarn left. At all. I know the place sold yarn, but I guess I was too late for that. But I’ve always wanted to try ribbon yarn, and it’s always rather expensive, so I went for it. And I am a strong believer that there is a time and a place for all things; eventually, I know I will find something that will be absolutely perfect for this yarn in this color, whether it be for me or for someone else. I’ve also never tried bamboo needles, so I guess I’ll get to try that too! (aside from this, there was only a set of size 16 needles left – the knitting section was very picked over).

And what did I spend? About $43. :)


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Nice haul!

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