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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Thanks in advance!

So i am planning on knitting this with this. Could someone who knows more about yarn substitution than me please tell me if this is a good idea or not?

And while you're at it, what color is better for this pattern? The Coral or the Green?


Blogger beckie said...

I like the idea of it.. Personally, I would go for the green. Can't wait to see it!

4/07/2007 04:05:00 PM

Blogger gradschoolknitter said...

The yarn should be a fine substitution... do a gauge swatch, you might have to change needle sizes, but probably not. As for the colour, I like them both (I'm kind of a green and pink girl myself...) so pick whichever one you like best!

4/07/2007 05:32:00 PM

Blogger line said...

The yarn looks beautiful. Check the tension (gauge) of the pattern and compare it to the listed tension for the yarn. If they don't match, you can try swatching with a similar yarn you already have lying around using different needle sizes to see if you can make it work. I would say go for the coral - it is delicate and summery.

4/08/2007 04:19:00 AM

Blogger elan said...

The yarn is the pattern is a bit finer but if you can get gauge with it it should work.

4/21/2007 05:08:00 AM


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