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Friday, February 02, 2007

Hello all, it’s been awhile.
And I don't even have a knitting entry for you - just some clay.

Now that I’m an art conservation student as well as a history major, I need to take art classes. Many, many art classes. And I just finished my ceramics class. It was a so much fun! If you ever have the opportunity to take a pottery or ceramics class I highly recommend it.

Here’s some of my wheel work. I always thought this looked really easy; it’s not. First you have to center the clay on the wheel, which I found to be extremely difficult. If you don’t have your clay centered you’ve got nothing, it just bounces around in your hands and is completely unmanageable. Finally though, I caught on, and once you manage to do this you’re good to go. Something just clicks, one minuet everything seems completely impossible, and then you realize what’s going on and you’re suddenly an expert at centering clay. It’s a really great feeling.

Beyond that, I seem to still have problems making sections of my work too thin and they fly off the wheel while it’s spinning. Or somehow force the piece to collapse in on itself, or don’t apply pressure evenly and make it lopsided. But really none of that bothered me at all since wheel working is so fun! I could just sit there all day and make nothing in particular, just play with the same lump of clay.
Oh, and a word of advice, this is very messy work. Very messy. Not that it’s a big deal, white clay is entirely washable, but still, don’t expect to leave the studio without clay on your clothes (or on your face…. or in your hair…. on your cell phone, on your pack of gum, on your shoes, on your backpack…. Well, I was a bit messier than most).

This is some non-wheel work. We did quite a bit but this is my favorite.


Blogger Jessie said...

I did ceramics for two years in high school and it was mainly handbuilding. I took a pottery wheel class in college and I sucked SO bad. All of my stuff was lumpy. I love your tree thing there, very nice.

2/02/2007 07:56:00 PM

Blogger beckie said...

I love the goodies! I tried pottery in high school but never the wheel. Your stuff looks great!

2/05/2007 09:49:00 AM


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