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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

You know what?

I’m finished making washcloths! Forever.

See, fourteen of them, aren’t they nice? All are made either from Peaches & Creme or Sugar ‘n Cream yarn. The patterns are from the inside of the Peaches & Creme label, and then a boring knit/purl combination that I made up as I went along, on size 7 needles (for the longest time I thought I was knitting with size 6 until I actually stopped and looked at the needles. Totally size 7).

And now I’m left with all these little scraps that are pretty much completely useless. Maybe someday they’ll turn into a very multi-colored washcloth, but I’m really not in the mood to knit a washcloth ever again.

I really wasn’t expecting a big difference between these two types of yarn. They look almost identical, but they’re not! The Peaches & Creme is much nicer. Yes, this is vague, I really don’t know what to say, it seems like it’s higher quality and it’s just made better. Or maybe I’m just crazy.

I have also purchased copious amounts of soap to go with said washcloths. Really nice soap too, I think. You know, it was really hard to find soap that wasn’t something typical like Dial or something. I ended up going to three stores before I found this stuff, and then I bought the store out. Mmm, Lavender, it’s been sitting in my room the past few days making everything smell good.

And the finished product, most of these will be distributed at work tomorrow:

But I’m still not finished with Christmas knitting. My mom has nominated me to knit my grandmother a hat. It’s never seemed to click with her that knitting takes time. She also wanted me to knit something for my baby cousin, but there’s no way that’s happening, I told her it was either one or the other. I chose my grandmother because I think she’ll appreciate a knitted item a whole lot more than a one year old.
I chose this yarn, lovely stuff. It’s Patons Rumor (an irresistible alpaca blend) in Hibiscus Heather. It’s on the chunky side so I’m hoping whatever I choose will knit up quick. Any suggestions for a grandmotherly hat?

(See, I was gone for a few weeks but I’m sure it was worth it, look at the long entry you got – with all these pictures!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

those are cute! what a really nice idea.

12/22/2006 05:57:00 AM


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