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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Knitting! I actually have some knitting to show you!

Here are my washcloths. They’re just about as exciting as washcloths can get. I have one on the needles that’s a bit different than the rest, as you can see. At first I didn’t like it too much, but seeing it next to the other ones like this I rather like it.
I decided to teach myself continental style knitting and I’ve been using these to practice. I like it! It’s a lot faster than the throw method, and I find that I can knit for longer periods before I get tired.

Of course, this only seems to do me any good on washcloths. I also started a hat (*gasp*, I’m knitting two things at once, very strange for me….) and continental just isn’t working for me here. I think it’s in part because I’m using wool which is a lot more slippery, and also because I can’t prop the circular needles against my arm or anything, I need to hold everything up with my hands (does this make any sense? Hopefully, because I don’t think I can explain myself any more clearly).

Anyway, this is my hat!


Blogger amanda said...

I know what you mean about contintental knitting. At first it definitely took patience, but now I don't knit any other way. You'll start the get it faster as time goes on. good luck!

11/21/2006 07:55:00 AM


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