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Friday, September 29, 2006

and to be completely off topic....

I have absolutely no knitting news to report. None at all. I’m sorry but I just haven’t had the time to knit! I had two tests this week too, both today in fact. So that has been taking up most, or let’s say all, or my time. So since I can’t talk about knitting I’ll talk about tests: today I had an archeology and a history test. The archeology test was short and multiple choice and is not worth saying anymore about, but the history test, that was a bit more of a worry. It’s the history of Christianity, and hands down the most amazing history professor ever (who also happens to be my advisor) teaches it, so I want to do really well in this class (isn’t it funny how that works? I want to impress the brilliant professor, but I could care less what the mediocre professor thinks of me). He’s also a pretty difficult grader so I was quite stressed out about the whole thing. But it turned out alright, the essay was some wonderful question about Constantine’s influence on the early Christian church, which I was quite excited about. So excited about, in fact, that I completely lost track of time and when I finished the essay I only had seven minutes left to complete the second half of the test! Five identification (ie mini essays) in 7 minutes…. Needless to say I did not write in complete sentences. So hopefully the first part of the test will counteract the second half….

I guess I’m obligated to put something about knitting in here. I’m now part of the Academics Knit webring. Yay! Hello everyone!
I also just came across this pattern, and I’m completely in love with it. Both in long and short sleeve, and it would probably look great if you modified it to be a tanktop too…. So many options, I’m going to have to get on this one.


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