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Sunday, October 08, 2006

monsters are cool

Finally, some real knitting! Some real knitting that really shouldn’t have been happening since I, once again, have two tests this week. How does this keep happening? It’s been a very busy three weeks, but next week should be a bit calmer. At least school-work wise, other than that some of the most amazing people I know from high school will be home for fall break, so I definitely won’t be bored.
So anyway, knitting. I made this little dude, and I think his name is Henry. I used this pattern, but modified it – Henry is not a hand warmer, he’s just a plain old stuffed monster. And I thought he needed some feet, and seeing as I have the power to do just about whatever I want to him, I gave him feet. So now he can walk if he really wants to. But unlike the pattern he has no mouth, so he can’t talk. I think it’s a fair exchange. Maybe. Would you rather have vocal capabilities or legs? Interesting question…. But I don’t feel too bad seeing as his brain is made of polyester stuffing so I doubt any conversation he would have carried on would have been all that intelligent anyway.
Henry was made especially for my boyfriend. Why on earth would I knit my boyfriend a one eyed monster? Good question. He’s been bugging me to knit him something for quite a long time now. I’ve been avoiding the whole thing because of the notorious sweater curse, which he thinks is crazy. Seeing as I have no experience with knitting for significant others I really don’t know if I believe in the sweater curse, but I think I’d rather not risk it. After sufficient nagging I agreed to knit something simple, but he said he doesn’t wear scarves or hats (apparently he just freezes over the winter, I don’t know). I couldn’t think of anything else “simple”, so he’s getting Henry. And my logic is if our relationship can’t withstand the knitting a tiny green one-eyed monster, we’re really not meant to be together anyway.


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