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Sunday, October 15, 2006

So this meme has been going around (that makes it sound like it's a disease or something - I assure you it is not) and I thought I’d join in. So here are 10 Knitterly Things you didn't know about me, even though seeing as this blog has only been in existence for a month and a half you probably don’t know MOST knitterly things about me. So I guess that means this shouldn’t be all that hard….

1. I learned how to knit when I was either 7 or 18, I never quite know what to say about that. My grandmother taught me how to knit when I was 7, but I was 7, so it didn’t really do much for me at the time. I didn’t actually complete a knitted item until I was 18. So what should I say about this?

2. I didn’t learn how to bind off until I was 18. And if you look at number 1, I (may have) learned how to knit 11 years previous.

3. I hate double pointed needles. So this probably isn’t a very uncommon thing, but you didn’t know it before and now you do.

4. I also hate knitting socks. A lot. And I know there’s a whole lot of people out there who obsess over knitting socks. First off it’s the double pointed needles, and then once you knit one it’s a completely false sense of accomplishment since then you have to go knit another one….

5. I’m an extremely monogamous knitter. One thing at a time, and that’s it. I get very into my projects and knitting more than one thing at a time would just not be enjoyable. If I am knitting something that I like, I’m always “in the mood” to be knitting it, I don’t need something else to distract me from it.

6. I’ve knitted two sweaters ever, one was from a pattern and one I made up as I went along. Although both are nice and made correctly, neither turned out as I expected and I would never wear either of them. I’ll post pictures at some point.

7. My mom almost always claims the things I knit to be hers before I even finish them. I tried the entirety of last winter to knit a scarf for myself, but every time I started one my mother would tell me about how the color matched her jacket so well, and how she really needed a scarf like that, and after a few days she would start referring to it as “my scarf.” For all of last winter I wore a very boring tan scarf that was not knitted at all.

8. No one in my family is an avid knitter. My grandmother on my mom’s side taught me how, but she hasn’t knit anything since before I was born at least. My grandmother on my father’s side is a very crafty woman and an amazing seamstress, and although she knows how to knit I’ve never seen her do it, or seen anything that she’s knitted.

9. On that note, none of my friends knit either. I have one close friend who was big on scarf knitting, and then a few years ago I taught her how to make hats by knitting in the round. And she’s quite obsessed with knitting hats, but she doesn’t knit anything else. Although when she comes back home for winter break we’re planning on knitting a sweater together (she feels she needs some moral support for a sweater), so we’ll see!

10. I once taught one of my close guy friends how to knit. I found it quite amusing because he’s probably the biggest, “manliest” guy I know, yet the most open to learning to knit. And he hasn’t knit anything since that day, but that’s alright, I can still say that I actually got him to knit something once.


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