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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Remember how I told you it was 70 degrees out? It’s definitely no longer that warm. It’s more like 30 degrees with a wind chill that makes it feel more like 12 (it’s quire windy today).
But I’ve been in Florida for the past week visiting family, where it really was more like 70 degrees. And while there I went thirfting. I love thrifting, but there really aren’t any good thrifting places near me. There’s always Goodwill, but I can never seem to find any knitting related items there. Yet at the local church thrift store on Pass-a-Grille island, there always seems to be plenty of crafty things - I attribute this to the over abundance of old ladies in the area. Remember the mystery yarn? I got it here.
This time I found no yarn that I especially liked, but I found these beads:

And a dot snappers kit which I find so cool. There aren’t too many snaps left, though, maybe enough for one item. I wonder if I can find more? Or is this kind of snap completely out dated? I’ll have to look into it.

And my favorite find:

It’s from the late 60’s, check out the awesome hair:


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