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Thursday, January 04, 2007

For Christmas my parents got me a new camera. It was quite a surprise, as I didn’t ask for one. You see, my previous camera was still in functioning condition, but really only by my standards.... I tend to take my camera everywhere with me. Yup, just about everywhere. It travels from my backpack to my handbag on a regular basis, sometimes in my jacket pocket, or someone else’s pocket. And whatever it gets put in is very often dropped, stepped on, or generally thrown around. So I’m really hard on my cameras, and sadly my last one couldn’t hold up to the challenge - I managed to break the zoom on it. It’s not that the zoom doesn’t work, it’s that I physically broke the button that does the zooming. I can make it zoom in, but to make it zoom back out I need to turn the camera off and turn it back on. And oh, that’s not all, as this button also controls other settings on my camera. For example, I can change my camera setting from “normal” to “fine,” but I can’t change it back - I need to remove the batteries so the camera goes back to it’s default settings. So I guess I can see where my parents got the idea that I needed a new camera, although I would have never admitted it.
That’s not saying that I don’t appreciate it. Not at all - I’m completely in love with this camera. The reset time is super fast (with all my old camera’s problems, it’s super slow reset time was probably the most frustrating), I need less light to take pictures without the flash, it takes really detailed pictures, and it’s really small!

So, to prevent this new, amazing camera from suffering the same fate as my last one, I made a camera case!

I have no idea what kind of yarn I used other than “a purple kind”, so just don’t ask.

Alright, so this probably won’t prevent a major catastrophe, but I’m hoping it will stop button breaking and scratches at least. And it looks cool.


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