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Friday, March 02, 2007

knitting ADD

I haven’t had much knitting focus since I finished my sweater. I’ve been thinking about starting one thing or another on and off; I see one thing and decide it’s the best thing ever and I should knit it right now, and then I decide it’s ugly a few hours later. Half of this is probably because I don’t have a stash of yarn on hand. I can’t go “oh, let’s knit this with all of this lovely yarn of one uniform type and color that I have right here.” Nope, not going to happen. So whatever I choose I need to find the yarn for. And seeing as I am a rather broke college student, the yarn recommended for said project is probably going to be waaaaay to expensive for me. So I need to find a substitute, and quite honestly I haven’t spent that much time with different types of yarn to know what is a good substitute for what, and so the result is usually me getting really frustrated about the whole thing and giving up. No, really, it's fun.
So, instead of working on something productive, I’ve been doing this and that. I’ve spent far, far more time looking at potential yarns and pattern choices than knitting. I guess this is probably a good thing, because if I started a project I’d be more interested in working on that than doing any real work.
Hopefully I’ll find something good to work on during spring break (preferably something that can be finished during that one week time span. Yes, I need instant gratification.)


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