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Friday, March 16, 2007


No! I have not been knitting. But I miss you all so I thought I’d tell you about how I’ve not been knitting.
I believe I have chosen a zipper for my sweater. Actually, I have chosen two.

First, I bought the dark one. It is 18”, which is a slight problem because the sweater opening is 17”. But, quite honestly, I know nothing about zippers. When I got there I discovered that they only make them in even inches (or at least that’s the trend that I saw), so 17” was not an option. Interesting. I also have no idea if you should lean towards too long or too short if you come across this kind of problem. My gut says “too short” but they didn’t have any zippers I liked in 16”, and I am sometimes an impatient person and I wanted my sweater done right then, so I bought the 17” zipper that is a color that doesn’t really go with my sweater to being with. But then school started, and although I really wanted to finish my sweater, that was no longer an option.
So then a few weeks later I went to a different craft store, and they had the perfect zipper, right size and right color, but it’s reversible. I decided that I don’t care. So now if I really want to, I’ll be able to reverse my green sweater. I don’t think I’ll want to.

I also bought two ribbons to line the inside, one on each trip. I really like the plaid one, but I don’t think I want it for my sweater. I think it would be a bit too flashy.Not that the ribbon in itself is flashy, I just think that if someone sees it they will be more likely to look at the ribbon than the sweater. The second one is a bit more toned down, it should work alright.
I hope to install it over spring break. I have never installed a zipper before – this should be interesting!

And now since I’ve neglected you for so long and this is a rather boring entry anyway, I’ll post some random pictures:
You know what I really like? Candid pictures of people with no explanation as to why or what situation they were taken in. I don’t know why. I love looking through other people’s photo albums. Posed shots I find boring, predictable. It’s the pictures that are taken when no one realizes their picture is being taken that are the good ones. They don’t need to be amusing or really interesting in any way, I just like them. So here are some candid shots of my friends, I hope you enjoy them. Or at least are not incredibly bored by them.

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