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Monday, April 16, 2007

yarn yarn yarn

Ahh! You wouldn't believe how windy, rainy, and gross it is here for April. Not very pleasant I tell you....

Yarn that you get through the mail always looks so squished and sad when you first take it out of the bag.

As you can well see, I went with the pink. Now, usually my first instinct is to go with green. Always always always go with green. Always. But then I thought about it, and realized that since I always go with green half my wardrobe is green, whereas I own nothing that is remotely pink. And so, we have Island Coral.

I also got this stuff, just for kicks.

Now I don't know what I'll do with this, seeing as it's only 50 grams, but we'll see. Something not very big I guess.

Also, my bag is done and it's lovely, but I think I'll talk about it in another post or else this one will turn out way long and no one will actually read it.

In other, more sad news, my computer crashed last weekend. It was a sad day, I must say, especially since this happened to me once before just about a year and half ago. It wasn't the end of the world because I make sure to back everything up once a semester, and I immediately back up all my pictures. The only thing I lost was some rather important research from this semester, but I think (hope) that most of the damage is repairable since I have a habit of writing everything down on paper (what can I say, I love computers dearly but I'm just the kind of person who needs things on real paper in my own handwriting).
Now I love Macs dearly, I really do, I have always been and always will be a Mac user, but this actually made me reconsider for a moment, especially since the last time I had to have my hard drive replaced it cost me $300.
But then I stopped reconsidering after my wonderful boyfriend reassured me he could fix my computer himself. So we headed out to Best Buy, bought a $70 hard drive that is TWICE the size of my broken one, and he put it in for me. He tells me that it's a much better hard drive than the last one and thus shouldn't break on me. We'll see....

I highly recommend dating an electronics major. They come in really useful sometimes.


Blogger elan said...

I've got a handy guy as well, electrician, the only downfall is being stuck in an electronics store with them while they shop. I stopped Mark from asking me to go along by inviting him whenever I head for a yarn shop.

4/21/2007 05:04:00 AM


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