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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

oh look, a real post

So, I wrote this just about two weeks ago, and I just took pictures now. So think in the past while reading....

Everyone, meet my bag:

Awesome. It holds things very nicely, just as it was intended to. I can’t say anything about the pattern as it has no pattern other than that which exists in my brain. The fabric? Well, it’s 100% cotton, and came from the discount rack. The lining is also 100% cotton, but came from the quilting section. The buttons came from a box on my shelf. So yes, I’m very sorry but I can not help you reproduce this thing, but feel free to try it on your own if you so desire.
My main goal here was pockets, and pockets there are! I keep all my important expensive things in the large back pocket with the zipper, thus they won’t fall out.

(it's hard to take a picture of an inside of a bag...)

Outside pockets for pencils and calculators (button holes are really fun to make….)

The strap I made much too wide. For some reason I thought it would look good; it does not. I always fold the strap over, and then it looks just fine.

**so, my strap picture turned out super blurry, so use your imagination

In other news, my art history class went to New York last weekend. It was the first time I’ve been to NY, and I must say that it was awesome. Awesome in the awesome for that one day sense, not awesome in the I want to live there sense. No, I’m not a city person at all. But that’s another story entirely.

First we very briefly went to the Met. Just for an hour, and just to look at the medieval room (seeing as this is a late medieval art class). I have to say, I’m in love with this museum and I think I need to go back some time. Yes, it is a need.
We met lots of deceased religious figures:

Then we went to the cloisters, which if possible was even cooler than the Met. And I think I want a cloister now. Except without the monks. Not that I have a problem with monks, they just tend to come with cloisters and I don’t really need the monks so much I just want a cloister.

We saw lots of very old column decorations:
Then to the cathedral of St. Patrick to get a look at a gothic – type building. It was nice, I was not completely in awe though. Maybe I was just getting tired. It was still cool though.

And here’s an action shot of my bag, which accompanied me on my trip:



Blogger sophanne said...

That is an awesome bag! Summer vacation starts in 10 days in my teacher world. I may have to try that adventure. I did one a few summers ago just to be sure that I could still put in a zipper. I also used every possible "backpack" hook etc that I could find in Joanne's just to see how they worked when sewing. Sort of a "sampler" of closures! It feels so great to have those pockets etc work out- at least for this novice sewer.

5/22/2007 06:36:00 AM


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