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Sunday, September 30, 2007

The hedgehog is finished (awhile ago, yes) and is off to it’s new owner somewhere (co worker’s nephew?). As I previously mentioned, this is a mini hedgehog. When I originally bought the pattern I went through a phase of making one for everyone I ever knew, and I didn’t have the money or the time to buy the stuff and make things that big. When you split all the numbers in the pattern in half you end up with some wonky stuff. The end result is a lopsided holey mess, and then you get really worried and think that this was a horrible idea and that you wasted all this time and you’ll have to go out and buy more yarn and start all over again. And then you felt it and realize that you were absolutely crazy, seeing as felting fixes everything.

Once again, Yarn is Patton’s Classic Wool in “Natural Mix,” and the hair is just your generic green fun fur. Less than a ball of each.
Buy pattern here
And he did not turn out looking remotely bald, as feared at one time.

The summertime tunic is also finished. Well, to an extent. It needs a bit of tweaking, which is why I am not showing it to you yet. It needs a ribbon first of all, and it’s overall a bit large. I didn’t take negative ease into account, seeing as it’s supposed to be rather floppy I didn’t think I needed it. Well, I was wrong, it’s plenty floppy. This yarn (Knit Picks Shine Sport) is supposed to be dryer-friendly so I thought I’d give that a try. I originally didn’t make a post-dryer swatch because I was never planning on putting this in the dryer (I don’t put a lot of my clothes in the dryer, it’s okay), so I guess I’m going to have to get on that to figure out if I’m going to create a monster if I do put this thing in the dryer. Don’t expect an update until next summer, fall is here and I won’t be wearing anymore summertime tunics for awhile….

This may sound really dumb, but is there any way for me to respond to comments? I would really like to say hi to you, but your email isn’t listed. Or am I crazy and I just don’t see it? Am I missing something? So I’ll say here, thank you for commenting and I think you’re all awesome even though I haven’t figured out a way to tell you that personally.


Blogger Dancing Knitter said...

I love the little hedgehogs! So cute :) The only way that I have ever responded to someone's comment on my blog is to make a comment on one of the posts on their blog. Hope that helps!

10/06/2007 07:53:00 PM


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