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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Oh my, it’s an update

But only a quick one. Although this blog is really worthy of a long, in depth one seeing as I haven’t been paying as much attention to it as I should be, but things are a bit hectic. School has kept me busy enough, and along with that there has been grad school freaking out, internship applying, and class choosing. I’m taking the GREs on Thursday, which is not helping me to stay calm about anything. I’m also going to South America in January on a study abroad, so there’s be a whole lot of that to organize. Apparently there’s lots of diseases that can kill you down there, and if the germs don’t get you the Peruvians are going to violently rob all of us rich Americans. I guess they have to push the worst case scenario, but it’s not really helping any of us to stay calm about this.

Anyway, aside from that, knitting has been happening, I have lots of FOs to show you, very few of which you were even aware that I even started. And I think I’ll throw a few non knitting pictures in there just to liven things up a bit. Let us begin:

Tiny birthday elephant for my mom. Sorry the pictures are bad, I finished this late at night and her birthday was the next day, so he had to be wrapped up. So it goes, just take my word for it that he’s cute.

Cell phone for scale

All wrapped up for mom!

(Make your own!: http://www.innerchildcrochet.com/patterns/tiny_white_elephant.html )

Pretty flowers Paul brought me when I got my wisdom teeth out (which sucked). He also brought many DVDs of The Office with him. We watched 19 episodes in two days, this part of getting my teeth out was fantastic.

Yarn on sale from Knit Picks. Shine Sport in Crocus (which looks nearly exactly like the Orchid I made the Summertime Tunic out of), Shine Worsted in Sea Spray (which I am quite excited about. When I saw it on the computer I was afraid it might be ugly in real life, it’s not), and Shadow in Redwood Forest. I have more than is shown here, I just didn’t think you needed to see 5 balls of the same color.

Remember that baby my cousin is having? So this is a sweater for it. It’s coming along, slowly by surely. Except it now needs to be coming along quick and speedily since her shower is on Sunday. I can nearly guarantee the hedgehog is not getting finished, that might turn into a Christmas present.

In Knit Picks Swish Superwash in Deep Ocean and Dark Navy. Pattern here: http://fpea.blogspot.com/2007/01/free-pattern-friday-mossy-jacket.html

Mister Quinn:
Kaleidoscope sweater from MagKnits a few months ago. Has been put on hiatus for baby knitting. Going super slowly anyway, and I’m having second thoughts about my gage and my yarn choice. We’ll see how this goes. Knit Picks Essential Solid in Dusk. (Yes, I live for Knit Picks).

Pattern here: http://www.magknits.com/Sept07/patterns/kaleidoscope.htm

Dinner! I made it, all by myself (and yes, this in itself is an accomplishment)! And it was really good!

So I lied, that was only one FO. But so it goes.


Blogger Dancing Knitter said...

That elephant is so cute. Love it! The only good thing about having your wisdom teeth pulled is having the excuse to eat ice cream and drink smoothies for dinner :)

P.S. Sorry if my comments are posted twice. There was an error the first time.

11/13/2007 07:31:00 PM


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