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Monday, November 05, 2007

Dictionary.com's word of the day today is "woolgathering"!
My dictionary.com word-of-the-day email has this to say about woolgathering:

woolgathering \WOOL-gath-(uh)-ring\, noun:

Indulgence in idle daydreaming.

Similarly, in the meadow, if you laze too late into the fall, woolgathering, snow could fill your mouth.
-- Edward Hoagland, "Earth's eye", Sierra, May 1999
It would be easy to slip off into woolgathering and miss a deadline.
-- Jeraldine Saunders, Washington Post, March 4, 2004
Plagued by guilt, they took refuge in wine, women, and woolgathering.
-- Brennan Manning, Ruthless Trust
The soprano roused Fergus from his woolgathering.
-- Sandra Brown, Where There's Smoke

Woolgathering derives from the literal sense, "gathering fragments of wool."

I think that's great! My local yarn shop is called "A Woolgathering," and now I totally get it.

Real post on tuesday if school doesn't kill me!


Blogger R a i n said...

Hi there! Thanks for dropping by my blog. I had been meaning to put the link but totally forgot until you mentioned it =)

Here it is:

11/09/2007 06:39:00 AM

Blogger Dancing Knitter said...

I'll have to use the word in a sentence :) Thanks for passing along the knowledge!

11/09/2007 04:12:00 PM


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